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Bringing “laura the kid dinosaur” back to life!

Eastern Iowa Paleontology Project

“Bringing DINOSAURS to Iowa”

Roby Braun of Cycad Productions Ltd. created a 1:4 scale life restoration of “Laura the Kid Dinosaur” for the Eastern Iowa Paleontology Project (EIPP).  He began by enlarging a skeletal diagram to 1:4 scale – he then cut out individual bones from foam.  After a pose was chosen, these foam bones were used along with metal rods, thin plywood, and shaped foam to create a framework for the sculpture.  Roby used modeling clay to sculpt muscle and then a detailed skin layer. 

After cutting the finished clay sculpture in pieces, molds were made of each part using silicon rubber.  Carbon fiber resin was poured into the molds to create casts of all parts.  After assembly, the cast was painted using realistic colors & patterns, and glass eyes were added.  The finished cast was placed on a special-made rocky shore base.  Click here to see detailed photos of the finished sculpture.  The final result is truly spectacular!