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Artwork of hypacrosaurus & “Laura the kid dinosaur”

Eastern Iowa Paleontology Project

“Bringing DINOSAURS to Iowa”

Roby Braun of Cycad Productions Ltd. used Photoshop to create this picture – a composite of a photo of Roby’s sculpture of “Laura the Kid Dinosaur” and a photo from his vacation to Indian Canyon in California.

This drawing by EIPP President Don Johnson shows “Laura the Juvenile Hypacrosaurus” being attacked by a group of Bambiraptors, small raptor dinosaurs that lived at the same time as Hypacrosaurus.


This colored drawing by EIPP President Don Johnson shows a comparison of body size for Hypacrosaurus stebingeri – a nestling on the left, “Laura the Kid Dinosaur” in the middle, and an adult on the right.  Hypacrosaurus reached full adult size after 10 years, Laura is estimated at 4 years of age, and the nestling several months old.

“Dawn at the Rookery” (1990) by paleoartist Mark Hallett shows a mother tending to her nestlings at a Hypacrosaurus stebingeri nesting ground.  To learn more about Mark’s artwork, visit his web site at  Copyrighted image used with permission.


We are in need of help from those with artistic skills to paint Laura in her natural setting and provide other promotional graphics.  If you can help, click here to contact us!