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Roby & Deborah Braun with laura sculpture

Eastern Iowa Paleontology Project

“Bringing DINOSAURS to Iowa”

Click here to see the process of Roby bringing “Laura the Kid Dinosaur” back to life!

Roby Braun of Cycad Productions Ltd. created a 1:4 scale life restoration of “Laura the Kid Dinosaur” for the Eastern Iowa Paleontology Project (EIPP).  Roby did the work at a much reduced cost, working on the sculpture as well as other much larger projects from November 2009 to

July 2011.  Roby & his wife Deborah are now EIPP lifetime donors.


Cycad Productions Ltd is a museum exhibit design and production company based in Watermill, NY.  Roby Braun, President of Cycad Productions Ltd, has over 30 years experience creating exhibits in the museum industry worldwide!  His company designs and builds exhibits, environments, and sculptural life forms in unsurpassable life-like realism.  The company specializes in reconstructions of extinct and modern animal life including the use of robotics.  Click here to visit their web site.

Click here to see detailed photos of Roby’s sculpture of “Laura the Kid Dinosaur”!

Click here to see the unveil- ing of Roby’s sculpture of “Laura the Kid Dinosaur”!

Click here to see the Laura’s reconstructed skeleton!