Roby & Deborah Braun

Cycad Productions Ltd, Watermill, NY


Kim & Melissa Hollrah & family

Fairfield Fossil Exchange


Matt & Ericka Brissey & family, Fairplay, CO

in memory of Dave & Nancy Brissey


Don & Karen Johnson & family, Iowa City

in memory of Dave & Nancy Brissey




Dr. Jorge DiPaola & Terrie Catlow & family

Englewood, CO


Drs. Michael & Janeta Tansey & family, Iowa City


Jerry Hollrah, Fairfield


Avery Hollrah, Fairfield


University of Iowa Museum of Natural History


Cedar Valley Rocks & Minerals Society


Mid-America Paleontology Society


Science Station, Cedar Rapids


Mark Hallett Paleoart, Dallas, OR


Todd Hoelmer, Rapid City, SD




Paul & Kim Aus & family, Great Mills, MD


Sharon & Bill Sonnleitner, Cedar Rapids


Prof. Charles Newsom, Texas


Gilbert & Gerry Norris, Rock Island, IL


Friends of the James Kennedy Public Library, Dyersville


City of Dyersville


Dale & Nancy Stout & family, Cedar Rapids


Jim & Amy Preslicka & family, Iowa City


Marv & Sue Houg, Cedar Rapids


Tiffany Adrain & family, Iowa City


Dr. Dawn Ebach & Will Brown & family, Iowa City


Cedar Rapids Toyota, Hiawatha


Randall & Sue Aitchison & family, Iowa City


Auto Trim & Signs, North Liberty


Sarah & Daniel Horgen, West Branch




Austyn Slaybaugh, Center Point


Bill & Karen Desmarais, Cedar Rapids


Wanda Hansel, Cedar Rapids


Dr. Randy Lange, Aurora, IL


David & Lynette Brenzel, Marion


Meghann Mahoney, Coralville


Jan Aiels, Cedar Rapids


Dave & Nancy Brissey were two of our biggest sponsors until their deaths in March 2008 and July 2006 respectively.  We have missed them greatly!

We extend a special welcome to our business sponsors, Cycad Productions Ltd, Fairfield Fossil Exchange, Mark Hallett Paleoart, Cedar Rapids Toyota and Auto Trim & Signs!

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Eastern Iowa Paleontology Project

“Bringing DINOSAURS to Iowa”


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The Eastern Iowa Paleontology Project (EIPP) would not be possible without the support of its sponsors.  In particular, the first EIPP sponsors pooled their financial resources in the fall of 2005 to bring a special fossil to Iowa, the unprepared fossil skeleton of “Laura the Juvenile Duck-billed Dinosaur.”  Our current sponsors are listed below.

Young EIPP Sponsor poses after a job well done plaster jacketing a fossil duckbill femur in the badlands of SW North Dakota (July 2007).

Looking for a new or used vehicle?  Contact Alan Makabi of Cedar Rapids Toyota at 319/389-8368, or stop by the dealership just west of I-380 on Boyson Rd.  Click here to visit their web site.

Young EIPP Sponsor discusses current issues in dinosaur paleon- tology with Dr. Paul Sereno.

EIPP sponsors pose in front of Laura’s fossil skeleton.

Young EIPP Sponsor (right) discusses therizinosaurs with

Dr. James Kirkland at Paleofest ‘08 at the Burpee Museum of Natural History.

Planning to customize your vehicle in any way? 


Call Auto Trim & Signs of North Liberty first at 800/956-7688, or visit them at 570 Penn Ct.

A portion of the fossil skeleton of “Laura” is laid out for public display at the UI Museum of Natural History in October 2005.




Roby Braun, President of Cycad Productions Ltd, has over 30 years experience creating exhibits in the museum industry worldwide!


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Mark is known world-wide for his artwork of extinct animals in natural environments!


Email him at marksabercat@q.com to purchase artwork and prints.


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“Dawn at the Rookery” (1990) by paleoartist Mark Hallett shows a mother tending to her nestlings at a Hypacrosaurus stebingeri nesting ground.  To learn more about Mark Hallett’s artwork, visit his web site

at www.hallettpaleoart.com.  Copy-righted image used with permission.



Specializing in White River Badlands and Hell Creek dinosaur fossils!  Contact Kim Hollrah at (641)469-3688 or melissah@lisco.com.


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This drawing titled “Laura’s World” by Don  Johnson shows “Laura the Juvenile Hypacrosaurus” during the Late Cretaceous Period about 75 million years ago.