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A portion of don Johnson’s Dinosaur collection






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“Peck’s Rex” Tyrannosaurus rex jaw replicas that will greet visitors at the entrance to the future “Twilight of the Dinosaur Age” exhibit.

EIPP President “Fossil Guy“ Don Johnson with his full-size replica of “Peck’s Rex” Tyrannosaurus rex skull.

Some of Don’s predatory dinosaur replicas including Allosaurus skull, tyrannosaur foot, “Peck’s Rex” and “Jane” lower jaws, and T. rex teeth and claws.  A fossil duckbill forearm bone with tyrannosaur chew marks can be seen in the foreground.

Dinosaur models in Don’s collection include Velociraptor skeleton and skull, “Jurassic Park” raptor, and Archaeopteryx.  Fossil and replica raptor dinosaur claws, feathered dinosaur models, and a fossil tray from the dinosaur age can also be seen.

Other dinosaur models such as Triceratops, T. rex, and Edmontosaurus are on the left.  Cast replica pterosaurs, and cast replica and model Archaeopteryx are on the right.

Duck-billed dinosaur items include fossil hand bones, forearm bone, vertebrae, toe bones, and egg.  Replica duckbill partial skull, lower jaw, and tail section showing preserved skin and soft tissue round out the collection.

Eastern Iowa Paleontology Project

“Bringing DINOSAURS to Iowa”